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You’ll learn how to build:

  • accessible buttons and toggle buttons,
  • navigation menus and dropdowns,
  • “dark mode” themes,
  • keyboard-friendly tooltips,
  • accessible content sliders,
  • Published on December 2019
  • Tags: Accessibility, UI

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Sarah Federman

Senior front-end developer

About The Book

Because we often build and deploy under tough deadlines, we tend to break accessibility without even noticing it. Our products become slower, clunkier and more painful to use — often simply unbearable for keyboard- and screen reader users, and as such fragile and vulnerable for legal disputes. Let’s fix it.

We’ve teamed up with Heydon Pickering, a seasoned front-end developer with a focus on accessibility, to examine common web UI patterns through the lens of inclusion. The result is a dozen of accessible and robust solutions for the patterns we author, plug in, and use every day.

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Table Of Contents

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What does it take to make toggle buttons inclusive? To start off, Heydon takes a look at common pitfalls and what you need to keep in mind to do better.

You’ll learn how to build an integrated todo list component from the ground up. This doesn’t have to apply only to todo lists but also to making the basic creation and deletion of content inclusive.

Menus, dropdowns, subnavigation. There’s a lot of confusion happening around these terms. Why is this happening, why are WAI-ARIA semantics often misused here, how do we properly use “hamburgers” and “navicons,” and what do you need to consider to make your menus keyboard- and screen-reader-accessible?

Inclusive design is often about providing the user with the right tool for the job and the right kind of tooltip to go with that tool. In this chapter, we’ll be looking at situations which might call for a tooltip and learn how to formulate inclusive implementations for them.

Offering alternative themes often represents a maintenance issue. This chapter explores how to make an efficient and portable React component that allows users to switch a default light theme into “dark mode”.

What makes a tabbed interface a tabbed interface is in the ergonomics of its keyboard behavior. Heydon takes you step-by-step through the process of applying ARIA semantics to master the challenges that tabbed interfaces might bring along.


About The Author

Heydon Pickering (@heydonworks) has worked with The Paciello Group, The BBC, Smashing Magazine, and Bulb Energy as a designer, engineer, writer, editor, and illustrator. He was shortlisted for Designer Of The Year in The Net Awards. Heydon previously wrote Inclusive Design Patterns which sold over 10,000 copies. Proceeds from this title were donated to the ACLU and The Democratic Socialists Of America, to help these organizations fight fascism and create a more inclusive society.


332 pages
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ISBN: 978-3-945749-82-1
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Released in December 2019

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